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Orion Research, Inc. Brinkmann EPA Vendor FACTS
J & W Scientific National Instruments EPA CLU-IN
Control Company Shimadzu Inficon
Whatman, Inc. Labconco Beckman
VWR Scientific Absolute Standards, Inc. ISC Laboratory
Classic Modular Systems Finnigan MAT Digital Instruments
 New Brunswick Scientific LECO Corporation Ocean Optics
 Kronus Sigma Diagnostics SGE
Varian Chemicon International ATCC
Mettler-Toledo Invitrogen PerSeptive Biosystems
Perkin-Elmer Millipore Air Products
SciQuest Fisher Scientific Hewlett Packard
Sigma Chemical Company Omega Engineering Kimble-Kontes
Hitachi Instruments, Inc. Gilson Company, Inc. Spectronic Instruments
Valco Instruments Co., Inc. New Pig Park Scientific Instruments
 Micromeritics Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc. Packard
Micra Scientific Forma Scientific, Inc. Spex CertiPrep
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc. Taylor-Wharton Gas Equipment Division Waters Oasis Extraction Cartridges
Aalborg Upchurch Scientific ATS RheoSystems

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